19 weeks

In typical Molly fashion I haven’t sent any pictures thus far of my new baby bump or created that blog that I promised so many of you. Life at the Matthews house has been pretty crazy over the last month or two, we are remodeling our house! Call me crazy but I am pretty sure that I am already “nesting” and poor Ty has been attending to my sudden desire to redo the bathroom, get new furniture, create a guest room downstairs and start to work on the nursery too. Good thing I married a wonderful guy who is willing to spend his weekends painting and moving things around.

Although I am not wild about taking pictures of myself, I know that people want to see the baby bump so I attached a few pictures. I know I should feel happy and glowing about my new figure but right now I kind of feel like that old man that drinks a few to many and their belly hangs over their belt. People assure me that in a month or so I will really “look” pregnant.

The baby, who my mom has nicknamed “sweet pea”, is about 8 ½ inches from head to toe and weighs 10.5 ounces, and I am 19 weeks aka 5 months. We are going in for an ultrasound to see pictures of the baby on April 8th, so we are pretty excited. It is so crazy to think that we will be able to peek inside my belly and see what the baby looks like. Ty and I decided that we aren’t going to find out if baby will be a boy or a girl, which is driving everyone crazy and secretly makes me happy.

I really am going to work on the blog this weekend and then I will be able to keep you all updated more often. Hope all is well where you are!