Photos from NYC

On the Brooklyn Bridge
Anneliese Inez Picchioni

at the Park

5th Ave
(drooling over all I can't afford)

Grammy & Maya at Central Park

Here they are...a few moments from the big trip to the big apple. I am still here in NYC and Ty, mom, and Maya are home. Our time together in the city was wonderful. Maya is truly a traveler at heart. She went everywhere with us the water taxi, Chinatown, little Italy, 5Th Ave, Central Park, AMNH...she even strolled across the Brooklyn Bridge and ate pizza! My mom and Ty were lifesavers! Maya was great but I couldn't have done it without them. It was so fun to show my mom the city, she loved it...especially the shopping.
One of the highlights was getting together with Shelly, Matt, Anneliese and Erin for brunch (Erin & Shelly are good friends and sorority sisters from UO) They filled my interns in on life in the city, moving from the west coast, and a few plugs for U of O. I was able to love on baby Anneliese for a little while and she and Maya started their life-long friendship. Erin even tried to get them to give the DG sign.
So today is day one of my first time being away from Maya for longer than 24 hrs. Last night was tough, after the worlds craziest trek to the airport to drop off Ty and Pea I experienced a serious bout of anxiety. I think I will be okay, because my interns are great and keeping me busy. You can check out our trip on their blog



For those of you who know me well, you know I am a little crazy...

Tomorrow night Maya, Grammy Karen, and I are taking Pea to NYC. Every year I am a part of an internship program at the American Museum of Natural History that send 3 students from the the CTGR (abbreviation for the Tribe I work for) to NY to work for 3 weeks. This is an absolutely life changing experience for these youth and me too to be totally honest. I love the city...any city really. This year I am able to go for 2 weeks to chaperone, and I am not ready to leave Missy for that long so she is coming too! Mom is heading over with me to "nanny", then she and Ty will switch places on Thursday. Ty and Maya are coming home late Sunday night and I am staying until the following Thursday. Whew.

I am really excited, I am excited for the girls, and my mom who haven't been to one of the greatest cities is the world. I am also really excited for Maya...yes I know that she won't remember it, but I will. She will also get to meet one of her -soon to be- best friends Analiese, who lives in NY.

So I felt that this was the perfect title for this Post...lord knows, getting 3 teenagers and a 9 month old across the country is going to be a challenge in its self.

Wish us luck.

The Big Day!

This weekend two of my baby cousins graduate from High School. It is a really crazy feeling because I so clearly remember when they both were born, when they started school, etc.

Meredith is in the black Saxon's uniform

Meredith is the baby on my mom's side of the family and a superstar athlete at South Salem H.S., her team lost on tuesday in the State Semifinals for Softball. She will head off to college in the fall. We are so proud of her!!

Tarrah is somewhere in the middle of the pack on my dad's side of the family. Ty and I were so blessed to get to live with Tarrah and her family in Bellingham a few years ago. She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. Ty is heading up tonight to watch her walk with her class and attend her BIG party. I am going to Meredith's party in Salem tonight. Sad but we have to divide and conquer this year.

Love you both


Little Fish

Maya loves her pool! I think that she would have stayed in there all day. The weather in the PacNW has been phenomenal and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.
I am trying to use my blackberry camera to post, but can't get logged into my account? Does anybody out there in blogland have a suggestion?