Football Saturday

As you know, we are a football loving family! I have been able to go to two Oregon games (of course I did take one photo!) and Ty has been busy traveling with Linfield to most of their games as the team chaplain and radio announcer. Maya is getting pretty good at throwing her hands up when we yell touchdown!! Ty's so proud, he has even taught her about laying on the couch, eating snacks and watching the game (or games!).

Catching Up...

The start of fall has been one for the record books on Birch Street. We had a little visitor named Ashton for a few days, a slumber party with Liz, a couple of soccer games, a visit from Uncle Brock and (the Matthews) to run the PORTLAND MARATHON and a case of the swine flu.
It was a a challenging start to fall for me, but I am hopeful that we are through the rough stuff and ready for the best parts of fall.