Thank you G & G!

Thank you so much Grandpa Ed and Grandma Chris! I had a great time and loved Disneyland...but mostly I loved hanging with the fam. Skype with you soon, Maya
P.S. My dad is still humming the Fantasmic music...

Maya on "It's a Small World", her favorite ride!
Uncle B & Pea on our last day

Auntie Erin and Maya singing and laughing

Waiting for lunch with all the Princesses!

Ty, Grandma Chris, Grandpa Eddie, and Maya getting ready to head into California Adventure

Disneyland or Bust!

We set out last Saturday morning for our first family vacation...the rough part was the vacation with a drive to the airport at 4:30 am! Maya was a rock star during her first airplane ride (other passengers even commented on how good she did), I knew that she would be a traveler just like her mom :) Our first few days were spent in sunny Pasadena with our good friends Larry & Kelly, it was near 80 degrees...have I said that I love California? Because I really do love it...a lot. They took us to In-n-Out for lunch...true bliss!
On Sunday afternoon we headed toward Anaheim to meet up with Ty's family for the Disney portion of the trip. The Matthews are die-hard Disney fan's, I hadn't been to Disneyland since 1988 and was so excited I could hardly stand it. We arrived at the hotel to find this...
The Matthews are serious about Disneyland, even as adults it is second in vacation destinations only to Hawaii. Each of them truly loves all things Disney and are experts in some area. Ty the music, Erin the characters, and Brock knows the ins and outs of every Disney movie ever made and specialized in Princesses for Princess Pea on this trip. Uncle B picked up this little number for Maya to wear and made reservations for our crew at Ariel's Grotto so that Pea could dine with all of the Princesses!

Here is our best family pic! (Notice the need for sunglasses....sigh....double sigh...back in fabulous OR we went to watch my youngest two siblings play their very first soccer games and it was so stinking cold that we had to keep Maya in the car! And it snowed in Oregon last night....uggggg!)