More Decor...

These are covered bulletin boards for snapshots
(fabric covered cork board w/ hot glue and cardboard backing)
Inexpensive picture frames, painted white & antiqued with sandpaper, eventually I will put some photos in a few of them but for now we used fabric.

Sometimes you need some to help put your ideas into action and Erin is definitely that friend/sister for me!



Ty's sister Erin has been with us for the past few days and she always brings out my creative side. We finally have spent some time decorating in Maya's room (aka holding cell for all of her stuff). Here is a sneak peak at our work. I will add the other pictures when I get home.


Our first big adventure....of many!

I apologize for the lack of posting lately, but the last two weeks have been nuts! I started back to work on the 14th, only part-time but it was still a big adjustment. Everyone in my office has been amazing and really supportive. Maya stays with GiGi (my grandma Rena) on Mondays and Tuesdays and with my mom on Thursdays. It is the biggest blessing, she loves being there and they love her.

On Wednesday Maya and I heading off for our first big adventure together...just the two of us. I had a conference/convention for work in Seattle from Thursday-Sunday. My aunt Susan came to spend Wednesday night with us, and allowed me to go spend some time with my staff in downtown. It was great, Maya and my aunt got some quality bonding time and I got a night out with some friends. Maya was excellent the entire time. I had her in her Moby wrap the good majority of the time and she listened into the sessions with me. Educating her young! We spent our nights hanging out in the hotel, taking baths in the giant jacuzzi tub and catching up on some t.v..

On Sunday we heading down to Tacoma to visit Ty's family, who were selling their goods at a gift show. It was really fun to help out for a little bit (really little like an hour). Ed and Mil took turns holding Pea. We actually kidnapped Auntie Erin and brought her home with us.

Just a little update...more stories/picture to come.


Uncle Brock

We broke Brock (Ty's brother) into his new role as an uncle this past weekend, which he seemed to respond to with flying colors. He spent his first 24 hours being drug around to a football game, grocery shopping, and staying home alone while we went to our birthing class reunion. He was a rock star uncle from the start: super patient, and flexible. Maya loves her Uncle Brock! She even participated in Ty and Brock's epic Halo battles (that's a video game). While Brock was here, we spent a lot of time at home but ventured out for dinner and a movie on 3rd Street. We can't wait for Brock's next visit.


No School Friday

Last Friday was a in-service day for local schools, so Josh & Lily came over to hang out with Maya and I. Lily (we also call her Austin & Liz) was such a great helper. Josh is waiting until she can "play". We watched movies played Lego's and had the traditional Mac & Cheese. Good times.


Costume Reject #1

So I know that she will probably only wear her costume for a total of one hour, but it is such a big decision! I am on the great search for a really cute lady bug, but here was one option....a real Sweet Pea!

She was pretty cute, but it really didn't fit.

Maya if you read this someday, I apologize for treating you like a dress up doll! But it is really fun!

I really want to suck my thumb!

It usually turns into sucking on half of her hand, but she really likes it!


6 weeks!

Here are some fun pictures of Maya at 6 weeks old. I can barely believe how quickly time has passed. I am heading back to work 3 days a week next Tuesday! (More about that later)