6 Months

I took Maya for her 6 month well child check up on Monday and she is a healthy, happy little girl! Here are her stats:

16 lbs 9 ounces
28 inches long

She has ventured into the world of people food...rice cereal, squash (her favorite), sweet peas, oatmeal, applesauce, and a little avocado. Her other new trick is constantly sticking her tongue out...constantly, we call her Gene Simmons (the lead singer of Kiss for those of you who were not raised by children of the 70's). She also has sprouted the start of a little tooth, you can just see a little dot of white. We are both thoroughly obsessed with her, everyday brings something new. She is finally starting to enjoy spending time on her tummy....finally, which means she might crawl. I think she might skip crawling and go straight to walking.

Just a little post to get you through...battery is charging on my camera...pictures coming soon.


Our weekend in pictures...

Ty and I went to the annual Mayor's Ball in MacTown on Saturday night. Maya spent the evening with her favorite High School student Megan! I am really terrible at remembering to take pictures of anything but Pea...so these are the only two pics of the night (sigh).

(Bad lighting Ty really doesn't have a big 'fro, its just a shadow)

Dressed up for church on Sunday...couldn't resist the hat! Thanks aunt Susan.

We were all winding down on Sunday night, watching a little t.v. and Maya got really quiet...this is her new favorite trick. Doesn't she look like a puppy?


True Joy

Grandma Rena & Maya (5 months)
I feel so blessed to live near my family. My grandma is able to watch Maya two days a week and it is the best feeling. I love picking her up in the evening, she and gram are usually exploring the house or rocking in her chair. Sometimes my brother is holding Maya and Gram is in the kitchen cooking something that smells wonderful. Monday when I arrived this was the scene. Always wearing pink from head to toe, usually a headband of some kind and always happy. Can you find a more content babe? I doubt it.
Then on Tuesdays my parents pick Pea up from Chris's House (Maya's babysitter) and she hangs out with them for a few hours while I teach a class to pregnant teens. She definitely is one loved baby! Sometimes we come home and skype with her grandparents in AZ, so they can love on her a little too.
Working with so many young girls, several that are pregnant, who have so little support in their lives makes me really grateful for all of the people in mine. I am so thankful that Maya will grow up with a great support system and have people loving her every step of the way.
I feel as though I should end this post with a PSA: GO MENTOR A YOUNG GIRL IN YOUR COMMUNITY! (Stepping off on my soap box now...not that any of you are shocked!)
Here is Pea sporting her new hat. My aunt Sue has started knitting again and sent Maya this super cute cap. I love handmade clothes or things that have been past down...so special.