Victory! ... and a House Guest

Ty passed his series 7 test today! I know that he is excited, but I am elated that it is finally over. The last few weeks have been filled with long hours at work, in coffee shops, and in Ptown prepare and it all paid off.

Side note: Our friend Patrick from the Netherlands flies in tonight to stay with us for a week or so. He is such a great friend. He played on Ty's football team when we were in Germany and was also one of our flat-mates. (me + 6 football players...what an experience!) We were able to visit him in his hometown for a week during the time we were living in Europe and made a pact to visit each other every few years. Well he has done all the traveling thus far. This will be his fourth trip to Mac! He always comes for Thanksgiving...his favorite holiday:) We try each year to show him something authentically PacNW...Seattle, Portland, wine tasting, a UO game! This year we are traveling to the Seattle area for the holiday with Ty's fam, and our PacNW experience is going to be watching the Civil War...on t.v..

A funny Patrick story: The first time he came to visit Ty picked him up from the airport at night and about 2/3 of the way he says to Ty, "It really feels like we are heading to the end of the earth." Being from Europe, filled with cities and well-lighted super highways I am guessing that our rural little community probably did seem like the end of the world.


Come Home Dad

So clearly the working mom deal is kicking my butt! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Ty has been studying for his final license exam (series 7) for the past month or so, and has been staying in Portland all week for a class. Being a single mom is TERRIBLE. We miss dad! The only positive thing to come of his working away from home is that little miss and I met up with him for dinner on Tuesday night. We ended up going to Starbucks after dinner to talk and hang out. It almost felt like we were dating again, hanging out, talking about our big dreams for the future and then going home to separate places. One small difference...S. Pea was chillin' out at Starbucks too!

Ty comes home tomorrow, and we both can't wait. It doesn't feel right to be home without all three of us. Don't get me wrong, I love a little home alone time but the whole week is too much.

Here is a COME HOME DAD picture....

Tell me these two don't look alike! I think I was simply the oven.


11 weeks

Time is flying by! Sadly Maya has definitely grown out of her newborn phase, but is happily a big girl infant. She is so fun and really smiley. She is currently about 12 pounds and 24.5 inches (yes really really long!).


Happy Halloween

Today Maya and I ventured today to her first Halloween party. It was for all of the youth that I work with and they were dying to see Maya in her costume. Let's just say her completely OCD mother had a really tough time with all of the dirty little hands that were trying to mall her...so we left early (after insisting on hand washing & a lot of hand sanitizer). She was a trooper and the kids were so so so excited to see her. A few of my high school students were there also and were able to hold her...they are so great and really helpful.