Viva Vacation!

8 hours of driving by myself with 3 children was surprisingly pleasant (thank you Jesus for inventing DVD players in SUVs). When we arrived the weather wasn't looking so promising, but when we woke up on Sunday morning the clouds parted and we had nothing but sunshine for 8 days! Josh & Liz were angels and loved life at the cabin, they played in the lake or in the hot tub for at least 10 hours a day. Jazz & Faith, Erin & JJ's labs are spending the summer/fall at the cabin and Josh and Liz couldn't get enough. They swam together and played fetch and even "rested" together. They only stopped to watch the "occasional" movie (I think we watched at least 25, several two or three times) or to eat. Maya was a water dog too! Her OCD mom actually relaxed and Grama Chris made her a "hot tub" out of an old cooler. She was in heaven. Ty flew in on Tuesday night, and Uncle Brock was able to spend a few days too. It was a really low-key week, the only bump in the road was that Liz ended up with an ear infection and the beginnings of tonsillitis on the day before we headed home. We even witnessed a giant thunder and lightening storm one night. Good times!

The big kids slept in a tent about 1/2 the time and Pea thought it was the greatest play room ever...she giggled and rolled around for an hour.

The Lake

The Beach


Ty's cousin MacGreggor (Mac) came to town to hit up the NBC camp at Linfield and was able to stay for an extra few days. He is an amazing young man...polite, thoughtful, talkative, great with babies...and 16! He is an aspiring quarterback, so he and Ty spent some time working on his arm mechanics (that makes me sound really football savvy right?!). The craziest part of having Mac here was noticing all of the similarities between he and Ty. It really freaked me out to be honest, I would imagine Ty to have been exactly like Mac at the same age. I'll let you make your own call from the pictures. Here are a few highlights of Mac's trip:
  1. Witnessed a drug deal while picking up pizza
  2. Experienced gang culture at the Lancaster Mall
  3. Perfected his guitar abilities playing hours of Rock Band 2 with Ty
  4. Hung out at the beach and found a pair of cleats at the Nike Outlet store for $9

Overall it was pretty eventful...I was mortified (see #1 &2), but I think that he had a great time.

Concert w/ the Fam!

My cousins...Ryan, Bryce, & Travis

It was kind of like a date? No baby...Right?

The Girls! Amy, Tezra, & Me

Tezra & Ryan

Uncle Jerry, Ruthie & Dad

We met up with my family in Seattle for the Kenny Chesney Concert! It was awsome to have everyone together even if for only 24 hours! We brought my grandma with us too, so she could meet Ryan's finance Tezra.