Deep Breath

Most of the time I don't post often because I don't have pictures loaded onto my computer and I think that nobody really cares to read my posts, but would rather look at the pictures. *Disclaimer* I already know this is true, so no need to send me comments to prove my theory. Then, as I was frantically reading a months worth of posts from my favorite blogs, I realized that I love the sometimes random paragraphs that keep me up to date on everybody's lives. In that moment I made a commitment to myself...I will write when I feel so called and won't feel bad if there is no photo attached.

We had a great weekend by the way! Enjoyed the sun (80's-eat your heart out Californians!), spent time at the park, had dinner with our great friends Brian & Natalie, and bought a family vehicle. Ty sold his truck about a month ago, so he replaced it with a Tahoe...family friendly! (Yes I know we are killing the environment, but I promise to recycle more and plant a tree)


To Crawl or Not to Crawl?

So for all of Pea's athletic genes...still no crawling. If it were up to Maya she would sit or be held ONLY...tummy time has never been her favorite time, but she "handles" it a little better now. She can scoot herself backwards all over the house, but no forward motion. I am guessing that I should rejoice in the moments I have left where I can leave Maya sitting on the floor and not worry about her climbing the walls.

May Photos...

Maya's last few days in her infant seat
Those horrible teething biscuts

So happy!

Backward crawling...

Easter Baskets!


Mini Update

I have to apologize for the complete lack of posting. Our laptop is on the fritz and works about every other time you turn it on for about 5 minutes or so...really convenient. I promise that I will try to get some pictures loaded at work tomorrow.

Maya is growing everyday. She has 4 teeth and two new tricks...waving bye-by, and clapping. She has been clapping for about a month, but now she will clap at the right moments. She also is going through a little bit of mommy separation anxiety and is learning about strangers (which in my completely OCD I've seen to much in my line of work mind is a good thing). I am totally okay with her being a little leery of strangers, we will see how long it lasts.

I hope all of you mommas out there had a great day yesterday!

Loves! Molly