Super In-laws!

Ty's parents are here for a visit and are giving us just about the best gift ever! They are working on all of those little house projects that never seem to get started, and even when they do get started the are almost never finished....ya those. It is amazing! They are staying for about a week and just working away. Ty was able to stay home yesterday and work on a few things with his dad, which is Ty's dream come true. His dad is a really talented contractor and teaches him lots of cool stuff. My dad is a contractor too, but I embarrassingly have no home improvement skills to speak of.

So items on our project list are:

Finish the bathroom
Hide wiring from tv mounted in the living room
Move guest room to the basement room

Right now I only have this little set of shelves in the room that I have been collecting clothes and other treasures for the baby. I will put a picture up later...it is really kind of funny. But I love walking in and seeing the little baby clothes hanging up. Last weekend Ty & I were shopping around and bought our first gender related outfit for the baby. It is a little izod one piece boy outfit with a matching hat that baby could wear to Tory & Dave's wedding in August...if we have a boy. The jury is still out for me on boy or girl. I thought that I would have some kind of an idea by now...but I don't. I will say that I am definately getting bigger. Last week I went to the Dr. and had gained 10 lbs. In typical Molly fashion I just starting laughing, the nurse said, "better than crying I guess?". When else in your life are people happy to see that the scale went up? NONE.


I Saw God Today...

Good old George says it best. This last week has been a bit of a roller-coaster for me personally. Lots of changes going on at work, mixed feelings of fear and anxiety and excitement about Baby coming, etc. It all kind of piled up. But then we went to the ultrasound, and we watched Baby yawning as he or she was waking up. I saw God today... What an experience... Then I went up to meet some friends at a young adult church gathering in Beaverton last night. The sound and the worship was awesome, and the message felt like it was directed right at me. Thanks to Trev for inviting me every week for the last two months. It is called "The Way", and if any of you local friends are reading this, if I could, I would demand that you go to this deal. What a way to spend a Friday night. It's like a big college party, but totally "good", with God right in the middle of it.
As this is my (Ty's) first blog on here, I had to load a couple funny pictures of what we have to look forward to. The Tribe threw an awesome baby shower for Molly yesterday at work, and it was like Christmas on Birch Street in April. Molly's co-workers are so good to her, and I am thankful every day for that. The pics I uploaded are a couple funny ones from the shower. Enjoy.
If you're reading this, I can't express how thankful we are for your prayers, support, and friendship. Baby has been an awesome journey so far, and I cannot wait to meet the little one. My advice for the week: go listen to George. His new song has a way of putting things in perspective. I love you guys. Peace, Ty


Baby Pics!

We had the ultrasound today and got to see sweet pea up close. It was amazing to see how big the baby is and how there really is a little baby in there. We were able to see little hands and feet and the heart pumping blood. Baby was sleeping the entire time and not really wanting to cooperate, but we were able to see a yawn and lots of stretching. When the ultrasound tech was taking the measurements it was funny because baby was sleeping with one arm up over the head just like I do.

My mom and Ty were able to be there today which was great. Mom kept trying to sneak a peak between the legs, but sweet pea is modest and no one was able to see if baby was a boy or a girl.

The baby is now 1 lb. and 2 ounces and 11.5 inches long from head to toe.

23 weeks

These pictures although difficult to take are so worth the humor! Ty almost cried he was laughing so hard when he snapped these. He just keeps saying, "Your stomach just sticks straight out!" True. It is also funny that I am just so willing to lift my shirt up for a pic. Things have been going pretty well over the last week or two, just working away and trying to get stuff done around the house. Not that exciting here on birch street. I will stay that this past saturday it was like 80 degrees outside and being the smart people that we are Ty and I packed up with my littlest sister and a few friends and headed to the baseball game, without sunscreen on! Woops...glad you can't see it, but I have a serious sunburn going. Ty's is better because it is on his face!

Sweet pea has definately been on the move lately. In the evenings it feels like baby is a karate kid, which is really cool because Ty is home and can feel it. My kids at work are dying to feel the baby, I have by the way lost all person space through pregnancy. They come in everyday and rub my belly, it is pretty cute. I am getting use to the measurements by the kids too.


22 weeks

Today wasn't my best day. Well it really started last night when I raced back to McMinnville to get to a shop in time to grab some last minute supplies for a Leadership Conference at work. The shop of course was closed by the time I got there meaning that before 11am I needed to have (and enjoy) my ultrasound appointment with Ty and my mom, revise a document for work, go to the bead shop, stop by the grocery store, and drive the 40 minutes to work. I should have seen the writing on the wall. I wake up this morning and realize that I have two times written down for the appointment...call the Dr. and they inform me that the ultrasound person called in sick. Uugggg! The rest went fairly downhill from there. I did make it to work at 11:01 am, and spent the next 3 hours interviewing candidates for an open position at work. Fun times.

The moral of my story is that I don't have any fun baby pictures to post and I was so depressed over the whole ordeal that I didn't feel cute enough to take my own picture...for the bump progress. I am sure that tomorrow will be a much better day.