Our Weekend

Yesterday was a great day filled with relaxing and hanging out with some family. Maya was able to spend time with my aunt Susan, aunt Natalie, cousin brad, uncle Eric, and my mom was "finally" (in her words) able to get some good bonding time with her. Ty went to Salem last night for Alex & Tracy's rehearsal dinner, so Grammy came over to hang with Maya & I. It was a much needed relaxing night!

Today Ty was in his good friend Alex's wedding, so Maya and I made our first big venture out of the house. We did pretty good with a lot of help from our friend Brodie who was our driver, bag carrier, etc. Maya wore her first dress to the big party!

Our friends Nicole, Ty and Jenna also stopped by to visit this evening they all commented on how petite Maya looks in real life. I think it is because she is so long, her weight is really spread out.


The story, in Dad's eyes...

I had to throw a couple of my favorite pics in here, thanks to Aunt Natalie. This was me announcing, "Baby girl!" for the first time. The second one is simply beautiful...

I had the privilege of watching this (the birth) all go down from what I have coined "The Bobsled Position": me sitting behind Molly, counting as she pushed, and getting to witness Maya enter the world from basically the same view as Mom. For those of you who didn't hear the story, we got to the hospital Wednesday morning around 7:30 AM. They induced Moll around 9 AM, and for the next 9 hours, not much happened. Then around 6:30 PM that night, Maya decided it was time, and she wasn't kidding. From that first hard contraction, Moll dilated to an 8+ within an hour. She started the actual pushing around 9, and out Maya came at 10:41.

Everything was perfect. I think it still has not hit me, as it happened so fast, but I couldn't have imagined it going any better. Easy for me to say, I know, but Moll and I both talked about Megan and Bev (midwife and nurse during delivery), family at the hospital, and all the calls, notes, flowers, cards, etc. from all of our friends and family all over the world. The love you all have shown us is overwhelming. To quote Mark Wickman from Joe McLaughlin, "This is life at it's best." I can't imagine any better. More to follow soon! We love you all, and Maya says hello...

Home Sweet Home

My midwife Megan & Baby Maya

Uncle Eric with Maya at home

Maya loving on Dad

Well we made it home from the hospital! It feels really good to be home, but I am so thankful for the time we had at the hospital. Our midwife and all of the nurses are my new heroes, they made our experience so amazing. Maya is doing really well, she didn't really like the car seat but other than that she is awesome. She loves to cuddle!

I have to give a huge thank you to both of our families! They have been so great...words cannot describe how blessed we are to have them. Ty's parents drove down from Spokane to be here and my parents, brother, sister, & Gram have been superstars. Love you guys!


Maya Karen Christine Matthews.

Born: August 20, 2008
10:41 pm
7lbs 13oz
21 inches long.

Molly and Tyler are doing amazing, no internet at the hospital but they will update as soon as possible. :) Maya is the most beautiful baby I have ever saw.
- love the proud auntie (natalie)


Plus 1 week

Today marks being officially overdue by one week.

We took everybody's advice and had a date night last night. I wasn't exactly feeling ready for the public so we ordered pizza and watched the movie "Fool's Gold". It was definitely what the doctor ordered, we had a lot of fun...downed an entire pizza between the two of us and drank root beer! Pretty wild night I know.

We had our visit with the midwife today and I spent about 40 minutes on the baby monitoring machine, baby is doing great (obviously loving life inside the womb!). I haven't made much progress downstairs, but I have had contractions all day today! They aren't painful but I am having them several times an hour. So I hope that they just keep getting stronger!

PS...Can you believe that in a matter of days I will be a mom! Pretty nuts.

I thought that it would be fun to see what people are thinking about Sweet Pea....girl or boy...make sure to vote.


Blog Therapy

So it is Monday August 18th, and no baby yet. I know people are curious so I thought that I would lay the curiosity to rest. Our midwife said that if there is no baby by our appointment tomorrow we will start to talk seriously about labor induction. Of course last week I thought that I would want to wait, but at this point I am thinking bring on the pitocin (labor inducing drug)!

I really did pretty well emotionally until last night when I had reached my breaking point. Over the weekend I felt contractions that were about 20 minutes apart both Friday and Saturday night for several hours and I was just sure that last night I would have then again and I would be heading to the hospital. Well...no such luck. I might have had 3 all night. I was really feeling defeated. We stayed up to watch the Olympics until about 12:30 and then Ty headed to bed, which gave me way too much time to "think" about things. Honestly until that point I hadn't shed one tear over the overdue business. I tried to get ready to go to bed and absolutely lost it. It was about 1 am and I probably cried for no good reason for an hour and did laundry because what else do you do at 1:30 am when you are trying not to wake up your husband who has to go to work in the morning. I decided that work wasn't the best choice for me today, so I am at home feeling sorry for myself...not really I am doing a little better.

I hung out with my gram this morning...bi-mart, Safeway, Jake's for breakfast....all of the important things. Now I am watching O.A.R. on the HD Music Channel...they rock! Who would think that they could pack out Madison Square Garden?? My UO girls and I use to watch them play these little tiny venues in Eugene and Portland. Good stuff.

Love you all...thanks so much for all of the well wishes and comments! They genuinely are the highlight of my day at this point. I will let you know as soon as there is any "movement" down south.
Here is my fabulous giant self at 40 weeks...I have to be honest I don't want to take these pictures any more. I know that you have seen this dress several times, but I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes! REFUSE.


Ty's First Wedding

That is a funny name for a post, but to explain Ty officiated his first wedding on Saturday. It was a scorcher to say the least (100+, can you imagine my 9+ preggers self in that heat, not pretty!). The wedding was for one of his players, Trevor and his fiancee Chrysanne. The ceremony was awesome! Ty spent a lot of time preparing and it really paid off. I know they were really happy with how it went and several people commented on how special it was.

Ty and Jenna came down for the wedding and stayed with us which was fabulous. It was a great distraction to have Jenna here to spend some quality girl time and get my mind off of the obvious waiting game that we are currently playing. Jenni also stopped by on Saturday to hang out for a little bit, as always it was great to see her.

Friday with the Crew

My family came by to hang out Friday here are some new pictures of baby Brad, my gram, and Josh breaking in sweet pea's room with legos (Austin was at overnight camp this week).


Ode to the Olympics

Most of you already know this but I LOVE the Olympics! It is just about the one and only time that I am patriotic and all about the USA, because most of the time I am totally disappointed by our country & its politics...but that is for another day. I also love seeing the major athletes spending their free time supporting other athletes. I looked online today and many of the USA men's basketball players have been all over the place watching volleyball, swimming, diving, etc. How cool is that? If there is one saving grace, it is knowing that every day for the next few weeks I can be entertained by the worlds best athletes.

Growing up I would always dream about competing in an event and winning the medal, my parents crying in the stands. The whole deal. It is so cool to watch an athlete like Micheal Phelps celebrate and to watch his mom & sisters in the stands...I love it. So my dreams of being an Olympian were a little short lived, but my best friend since I was 3 (Jenni) has always been a super star track athlete and I just knew that she would make it and then I could still go and live vicariously through her. She was an All-American in the Pole Vault in 2002! Well Jenni hasn't made it to the Olympics yet, but I have to be honest I still think that she will. That might sound crazy because she is a coach now for the greatest University on the Planet, also known as U of O, but I could see her participating in about 1/2 of the events. She is just that kind of a lady...she kicks butt and takes names! So Jen if you read this post just know that I am still your biggest fan (next to big momma, of course).

On a side note, as you might have guessed, still no sign of sweet pea. I feel as though I might be pregnant for the rest of my life, as I have had ZERO signs of baby.


D Day!

Well today was the day that I have had circled in red on EVERY calendar I own for the the last 7.5 months. I almost couldn't come to work today because of that d... red circle, but I made it and I am going to be just fine. This morning Ty and I headed into the doctor's office, another thing I really wasn't looking forward to doing. Here is a brief overview...

"Wow we didn't think that you would make this appointment" -nurse

"Really, because I am REALLY happy that I am here anyway...I mean who wants to actually HAVE a baby...I would be content to be pregnant for the rest of my life NOT." -little green men in my head

"Well do you want me to check you to see if you are making any progress" -midwife

"Hmmmm...not checking = wondering, but no disappointment, and not checking = not having your hand you know where." -little green men in my head

"I don't think you should check, you will just be pissed when she says NOTHING is happening" -the husband

"What are some "real" natural ways to induce labor" -Molly

"We could try stripping your membranes" -the midwife

"What is that?" -Molly

" LSKJDFOIF EIOEFNSOIEJFSDHFOEH." -the midwife (you can look it up for yourself I refuse to write the details of this particular procedure)

"Are you crazy! You seriously thought that you would entertain the idea of a natural birth and you are sweating over "stripping the membranes"...you are a joke" - little green men

"What the heck, let's do it???" -Molly

"She is crazy and I am going to be sick" -ty's little green men

So all in all today has been very interesting, physically uncomfortable, and filled with lots of well wishes from friends and family. I thought that I would share my version of D day.

Best, M


The Home Stretch...

No baby action to report on today. I am trying to change my attitude about the whole tomorrow is my due date and I won't have a baby thing. There are so many other things that could go wrong, and the fact that I have zero patience really doesn't matter. In order to pass the time I have been baking...mainly apple dishes because our apple tree is overloaded with apples this year (any locals who want some gravenstein apples come on over).

(self portrait of my babysitting skills)

Yesterday Ty and I went and walked around the Woodburn Outlets, and had some just the two of us time. It was really nice. We shopped for things for the two of us no baby stuff allowed. Then today I worked this morning, came home and watched baby brad for about an hour (I will take what I get), went to the acupuncturist, then to a meet and greet with the pediatrician, and then I came home to this:

(The stroller in it's box & what it looked like when I opened it)

So excited!

So that is my project for today...


39 weeks

So here I am in all my glory at 39 weeks. We headed out to the Par 3 course a few nights ago to get a little exercise and some fresh air. No golfing for me, the big belly got in the way. I did try to putt a few times, but it didn't really work either.

I headed to the doctor today with an extremely hopeful attitude and left a little discouraged. She said no progress yet. Ugggg! So I called my acupuncturist and she worked her magic this afternoon...we will see. I am also going in to see her on Monday, she said that she has a really high success rate of getting things moving. I SURE HOPE SO! I will keep you all posted.

Baby Room Updates

Grandpa Steve's Addition to the Nursery!
The Crib (filled with stuff)
Our room with the cradle (made by my great-uncle)


My Favorite Things

So I am feeling really guilty about my complete lack of picture posting lately. I have been really tired when I get home and night and have forgotten to take pictures. I will work on that tonight.

Instead, I am writing about my favorite things (stolen idea from my friend Stefanie). I thought it would be fun if people have favorite things of their own to add them in the comments section. Some of the greatest products I have ever used come from my friends.

Kiehl's Sunless Tanner (amazing!!)

Burt's Bee's Chapstick
(all products, but I really like their maternity line)

Viva Paper Towels

Phil & Ted's Stroller
(okay so it can be a favorite thing because it has arrived yet, but it will and then it will officially be my new favorite thing)

All Things that come from In n Out Burger~! I can't post a picture because I would start drooling on the keyboard.

FYI, No sign of Sweet Pea yet. I have had a few mild, painless contractions and some pressure downstairs, but no "THE BABY IS COMING" action. I will definately keep everyone posted...like it or not.



Sorry for the slow postings, but I have gone into full "nesting" mode! I spent Saturday with my friend Nicole shopping for some last minute items for the nursery and price shopping for a few things that we really want. (Mark you should be proud) Saturday night Ty was throwing a bachelor party for his friend Alex at our house so I tried to stay away as long as possible. I think they had a lot of fun...golf, poker, guy movies!

Then came Sunday, poor Ty was super tired from staying up most of the night and I was ready to remodel and deep clean our house. He was a really good sport and didn't complain at all. We totally revamped our bedroom to make room for the cradle, cleaned the house, and organized/arranged the nursery. I promise to take pictures when I get home tonight.

Side note: Two of the couples from our birthing class have already had their babies! I was the first due date...the world is really unfair at times. I am about one week from the "due" date...we will see.