The sweetest sound

Maya's laugh is hands down my favorite sound on the planet! She thinks it is so funny when Ty shuffles cards. We also figured out that she really likes snorting noises, so our friend Jenna walked around our house holding Maya and making piggy noises! I will try to grab that video tonight.

5 months


Back in Action

I have to apologize for being such a terrible blogger lately. I could give a list of excuses, but I will save you all from my whining! Here are a few updates from la casa Matthews!

January marked my return to work...full time. It has been a tough transition to say the least, but I constantly remind myself that I am so lucky to have a job doing what I love. Last weekend Maya and I attended my annual High School Girls Night Out event at the beach with 15 HS girls! Pea was definitely the belle of the ball, and was well educated on all things GIRL. January also marked the addition of another new role....Sex Ed guru! Yes you read it right, I am teaching Sex Ed which I call "Healthy Relationships". It has gone really well so far....keep your fingers crossed! There are about 13 youth under the age of 18 that are going to be parents this year, so it is obviously needed. I am also helping to facilitate a childbirth/newborn care class. Good stuff. Ty is plugging away at work too! He has endured 3 management changes in the last year, but is keeping a positive attitude and pushing forward toward his goals.
Miss Maya is as wonderful as ever! She is developing such a sweet personality, and is quite the social butterfly. She loves to read (or listen), watch people, talk, smile, coo, and cuddle. I am pretty sure she is starting to cut a tooth...which secretly makes my heart sink...big kids have teeth! We are so lucky, Maya loves her sleep. She is a good napper and sleeps for about 11 hours at night. Sometimes waking up once to eat, but then goes right back to bed. Yesterday I found myself wondering what we did before life with Maya. We feel so completed with her as a part of our life.

I am writing this from work so I better wrap it up. Our home computer has been on the fritz, another reason for the lack of posting.


My commute this morning...

The snow is melting and it rained really hard over the last few days, so this is what I encountered today trying to get to the office. Seriously? I hate all of my friends that live in sunny California right now. Just kidding....kind of.

Christmas Morning

Maya's Uncle JJ in SLC is a HUGE Jazz fan, and sent her a hat. My cousin Travis was so funny, she wore the hat over to my grandma's house and he now thinks that she needs a Seahawks one too. Christmas was pretty low key this year with the weather being so crazy, but to be honest it was really nice to be home. Ty's parents weren't able to fly down which was really hard on all of us, but we will be seeing them soon!