Our Weekend in Seattle

This past weekend Ty and I were able to head north to Seattle to see the Red Sox - Mariners game on Monday night. It was so much fun! I so easily forget how great it is to a) be in a city b) go to big league sporting events c) spend time with great friends.

While we were there we were able to see our the newest member of our crew baby Ruthie and her awesome parents Mark & Esther. They gave us tons of super valuable baby tips and let us practice our skills with Ruth.

We also stopped by to see the newlyweds Ty & Jenna and their new place in Fremont. Their apartment is so cute and they live in this really cool neighborhood in Seattle. They also came with us to the big game. The game tickets were actually Ty's birthday present (from March) and I think he would agree that it was well worth the wait. We have watched so (SO) many Red Sox games on TV that it was almost surreal to see all of the players in real life.


Awesome Family & Friends

To my AMAZING family & friends,

It is so amazing to me that when you need it the most people always come through. I came home from work today to find NEW windows in the baby's room! All of you homeowners out there will understand how precious this gift is. I had been complaining to my dad about finishing the house and talking (which w/ dad means just a few words until it gets low level emotional and then subject changing) about loosing Nick. So he arranged with Ty to come over today and secretly put in the windows we had ordered. It was like Christmas in May. Then when I went to get the mail there was a package on my doorstep and when I opened it there was a baby gift anonymously sent by one of my friends! Most of my good friends live in other states or a closest Portland, so they have been sending me anonymous gifts and puzzle pieces in the mail. Which makes me cry just to think about how thoughtful and generous that is!

I am so blessed and so thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.


Sad Times...

The past week has been a rough one to say the least. I didn't really want to say anything to my friends or family, because they have their own stuff (most of which is exciting and wonderful) going on. My good friend Jenna was married last Saturday and my other fab friend Tory had her bachelorette party last weekend in Vegas. I am so happy for both of them and didn't want to ruin the mood, so I though I would just write about it now.

Last Wednesday afternoon while at a conference in Portland I received a call from a co-worker letting me know that there had been a car accident and one of our college interns had been killed. Words cannot describe how difficult it has been to not only grieve myself, but also be there for the 50+ youth that Nick worked with. Nick was a very talented 24 year old, just about to graduate from OSU and head to UO for grad school in the fall. I had been his mentor for the last two years and he had also worked for me in the Youth Center. His mom Kathy is a good friend of mine and also my youngest brother's kindergarten teacher. Kathy is and has been a single mom for along time and Nick is the oldest of 4 boys.

So as you can imagine it has been a really really rough week. We had Nick's service on Tuesday, which went really well and included a lot of extremely thoughtful tributes. But to see kids ages 5-18 have to understand this incredible tragedy was a moment that will stay with me forever. The kids were really strong, but some of the middle school boys were so heartbroken to see their being laid to rest. Moving forward has also proven to be really hard on my staff (myself included). His mom and oldest brother stopped by today and it was so comforting to see them, it is amazing how you don't really miss people until they are gone forever.

I am hopeful that Nick's younger brother, who graduates from High School in a few weeks will come and work with us this summer. They are all awesome boys and Nick loved them more than anything.

I should put a little disclaimer: Sorry if I haven't returned calls or I have been a little off lately, I have tried to be strong for my staff and students and by the time I get off work it takes all I have to make it home through my tears.

Love you guys, thanks for letting me vent.



Ty & the Guys
The Rilees back from Alaska
Ty Kaluza & niece Rylee

More wedding photos....

Ty & Jenna's Wedding

We were lucky enough to be a part of the wedding of our good friend's Ty & Jenna. It was absolutely perfect...from the dress to the flowers to the yummy food. Here are a few pictures, I will add the link to the photographers slide show next week.


27 weeks

I am definitely pregnant! Not that I was unsure, but this week I really felt like I was carrying an extra person around. The weather here has been crazy. It was 80-90 degrees over the last four days and boy does that feel different when you are housing a little person in your belly.

Things have been plugging along here in Mac town. We have been getting ready for Ty & Jenna's wedding this weekend and working a little around our house. I was actually away in Portland for a conference most of the week, so Ty was a bachelor again...which I know he loves because it is ESPN all the time.

Sweet Pea is doing really well. Growing like a weed...I feel twice as big as I did just a few weeks ago. The baby is about 14-15 inches from head to toe and weighs just over two pounds, and can suck its thumb and open and close its eyes. Baby is also quite the mover and shaker! In the evenings Ty and I can sit and watch the baby move around in my stomach, sometimes with such force it feels like my stomach is shaking.

It does feel as though my body has been invaded by an alien...