Congrats Jen & Lee

Saturday Night we heading to Portland for Jen & Lee's wedding, it was a lot of fun. As always it is wonderful to get together with old friends, and it was really special to be there for Jen. The wedding was a modern Jewish ceremony, a new experience for all of us west coasters! She wore her grandmother's dress from the 1950's and a really cool bird's nest hair piece. We were totally fascinated to say the least, and it was awesome to see Jen connecting with her heritage. I had to include the chair picture, because we were all so excited about all of the traditions. MAZEL TOV!

Welcome Home Lyons Family!!

Our friends Lindsey, Nate, & Bennett moved back to Oregon. They have been moonlighting as Texans in San Antonio for the past 2 years. We are so happy they are back. I am already totally obsessed with Ben! I mean look at that face. You can keep up with them over there @
hmmmmm I wonder it they will change their blog name?

The Country Fair

My parents were sort of hippies in high school and when I was born (well as much as they could be in the late 70's and early 80's). We tease my mom just a little about it, but in truth I am so greatful that I was raised to appreciate diversity and the concept of community. In going back to our roots we all loaded into the Tahoe (I know the real hippies would totally disapprove, but we filled every seat!) and headed south to the Oregon Country Fair. It is one of the coolest festivals and it is in Oregon. It is a place where people can feel comfortable being who they are and kids can play and use their imaginations without boundary. Josh and Lily were definitely experiencing a little culture shock, but they loved every minute of it...tons of live music, face paint, people in costume, people on stilts, art stations, and a few people who use the "less is more" ideology when it comes to clothing. We had a great time.


Gram's Day

So...for the 4th, we didn't have any plans and decided that we would call Gram and see what she wanted to do. She wanted to take Maya to the parade....in Willamina. My camera died as the parade was about to start, so I didn't get any pictures of the locals. Bummer. Grama loved showing Maya all of the people in the parade.

Happy 1st Birthday Bradley!!

Brad's birthday was the best! The littles played in the water, the adults chatted and snacked. Brad loved being the birthday boy, he wore his birthday boy crown all day! Maya even stole a ride on his new fire truck.

Maya showing me her new texting skills!

Okay so I am doing quite a bit of back posting today! I took the girls to a Yankees game at the new stadium (no I am not a Yankees Fan) and we all had a blast. We sat in the crazy, rowdy section with all of the die hard fans...what an experience. We totally stuck out...because we were the only people in the stadium without Yankees Gear on.
I spent the last four days of the trip in NY without Maya or Ty. Super dad flew home with Pea and spent the week with Ty's parents. The first 24 hours were really, really tough...I had so much anxiety, and lots of "I'm a bad mother" thoughts. It turned out to be a good thing for us all. Ty's confidence in his dad duties grew exponentially (he'll appreciate the dorky math terminology) and my relationship with my students did the same. We stayed up and talked for hours. Mostly about boys and college...hey they are 16!
Coming home was great! Maya learned how to text...look for one coming your way soon.