My two teeth!

Showing my true colors! (green & yellow, with a dash of pink)

Me and GiGi


Happy Easter!

It's been a long time!

I love this picture! She likes to wiggle herself into the pillows, get stuck, and then laugh.

Wow, it has been one for the record books! I don't have time to give a full recap (I'll save that for later) so I will give everyone the 2 minute version.
5 major events at work in 3 weeks that included a 4 day, 3 night camp out with 55 youth...and Maya
2 Middle School girls that stayed with us for 3 weeks...yes, the same three weeks
1 Wonderful little girl who is learning all about eating "real" food, clapping, super chatty, and still has no desire to crawl...and why would she when she has the two of us totally wrapped around her finger and willing to carry her everywhere she wants to go.
Maya is so fun right now, her little personality is starting to shine through...a true blend of Ty and I, content to spend time alone (me), a bit of a thrill seeker (ty), lots of facial expressions (ty), and always studying the world around her (me).

We have also been taking in as many soccer games as we can. Both Josh and Lily started playing soccer this season, and baseball/softball starts this week.