Little Miss Independent

Maya has really started showing us her personality! She is very independent, curious, and vocal. She loves to be silly, dance, sweep, play peek-a-boo, and read. She reads and reads and reads. As you can see she is quite tall for her age, but still kind of a lightweight....here are her stats at 15 months:
Height: 32.5"
Weight: 24 lbs
Words: Hiyee (Hi), ByeBye, Kitty, MaMa, Da (dad), NO, hotttt, nee (nose), eye, eee (ear), hair, maaa (mouth), pee, poopoo, pease (please), thank you, PaPa (grandpa), bee buu (belly button), Braa (Brad), Tree, apple, brrrrr, whoa, uh oh, Ni (nigel our cat), pig, duckduck, cow, moo, keee (keys), ba (bottle), all done, two (not one or three...just two), My AH (Maya), Up, E.E. (Eric), ball, hat....and many other things that we haven't decoded yet :)
Favorite Foods: Broccoli, baby cheese puffs, berries, toast w/ jam, spinach pasta


Laurel said...

Yay. thanks for the updates!!

Our great adventure said...

She's getting soooo big! We miss you guys! Merry Christmas!

M and E said...

TALL like Dad, LEAN like Mom! What a lucky girl! I love this post all about her development and how Maya is doing! :)

The Fast Family said...

She is absolutely beautiful!

Blair said...

Love the pictures Molly! She is growing up too fast. We miss you all so much. Hope to see you soon. Love you guys!

The Fast Family said...

Good to hear from you! Yes, let's get together soon! The girls will have so much fun together!

Erik and Nicole said...

Hi Matthews family!! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve, Maya is so cute! She is getting so big! Loved the card you sent us too... We look at this often, we love the pictures of everyone.

We have a blog now, I just figured out how to "follow" someone else's and post comments so I thought I'd let you know. Merry Christmas, we wish we could be with you guys!