Brushing Barbie's hair

Uncle Brock helping Maya with her gift from Santa

Miss Natalie and Brad

Liz scores her dream gifts...New Moon stuff & the Justin Bieber CD

Auntie Erin & Uncle JJ

There really are no words to express how blessed we really are...and there is nothing like Christmas to remind me. Maya was obviously spoiled silly...well we all were really. The Matthews - Trimble family was in town for the holiday and we were able to see the Rogers on Christmas morning too. The whole gift situation was a little overwhelming for Pea so we took it in stages...she opened presents for days...literally. Her auntie Erin, and avid Barbie collector, gave Pea her first Barbie doll and to my complete surprise she loved it. She immediately wanted the ponytail "OFF!" so that Barbie's hair could look as wild as hers does. Maya also loved all of the eating that takes place over the holidays...constant snacking for little Pea.

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